4 Secrets of Trading

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This video contains indispensable advice on trading. If you are finding it difficult to make consistent profits, you must watch this video. If you are a newbie trader, you MUST watch this video. If you trade at all, you must watch this video.

Hopefully this clears up who this video is for 😉

  • Ja Wilkkins

    How much does this cost?

    • Ernie

      Advice from this blog costs nothing. But if you’re referring to the algorithmic trading system, that costs $1500 for a 3 month license. That includes training and coaching to help you establish your setup, including risk parameters and position size, and monitor and evaluate the progress of the system.

  • AlexAVG

    What is the minimum account requirement? Who is approved broker?


    • Ernie

      This runs on the Tradestation platform, so currently it must be Tradestation. When you open an account there, if you mention me, you’ll get a significant discount on commissions. In the future I’m planning on porting the system over to Multicharts, then there will be a much larger choice of brokers, but that’s not happening for at least a year.

      There’s really no set account size you can trade with this, other than the fact that you will want more than $25k to avoid any possibility of being hampered by the day trade rule.

  • agarron

    Excellent tips. Well stated. Thank You 😉